What are your customers really doing?

It is possible that you are missing opportunities because the relationship you have with your consumers is not at its full potential.

Which emotions and behaviors cause your consumer to commit to a purchase? Why? Do you understand the art of clicksuasion?

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Michael Barbera

Our Host

Michael is a Fortune 50 consumer psychologist and strategy consultant, angel investor, and award-winning business strategist. He is a business psychologist who is involved in both practical and academic endeavors. His areas of practice are consumer behavior, consumer emotions, social psychology, decision-making, brand management and marketing, and long-term business strategies.

H uman behavior is driven to a large degree by the unconscious mind.


— Philip Graves, author of Consumer.ology

Michael is currently the CEO of Barbera Solutions. His clients can be found on the Fortune 50 list, ABC's Shark Tank and Bravo's Million Dollar Listing. In 2015, the White House recognized Michael for his contributions to entrepreneurship. This work includes development and validation of consumer emotions, consumer behavior, product placement, consumer interaction, and business growth strategies.

Our Podcast

Understanding the behavior of clicks and purchases is more valuable than a single conversion; it builds loyalty and a fully-connected consumer.

We have three learning objectives:

Understand your consumers

Develop your relationship with your consumers

Generate increased demand through customer relationships

July 10, 2018 in Season 4

Persuasive Calories | Season 3 | Episode 9

In this episode, Steven Dallas and Michael Barbera discuss food decision-making and the persuasive influence of calories. The placement of calorie counts beside a menu item could influence a person’s…

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