In this live panel discussion from Sandhills Community College, four panelists joined Clicksuasion to discuss entrepreneurship, marketing, and consumer decision making.
Cameron Cruse – Co-Founder of R. Riveter and TedxSandhills Speaker
Cameron joined Clicksuasion to discuss the digital age and how it affects our ability to make connections with people. 90% of the world’s data has been collected in the last two years. Cameron discusses how connections with people build great brands.
Stevie Pena – Licensed Therapist and Addictions Specialist
Stevie discusses reasons for making change in organizations and personality aspects that hurt communication and cause conflict. Building relationships based on preferences is Stevie’s method for success.
Mariel Beasley –  Principal at the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University and Co-Director of the Common Cents Lab
The Common Cents Lab is a research center that studies financial decisions. Mariel focuses on why people save, spend or borrow, and how to increase savings through behavioral science.
K. Melissa Kennedy – Internationally acclaimed expert and bestselling author
Melissa joined Clicksuasion to discuss technology meeting human connection. She discusses her personal experience with Disney and how it has become a magical brand.