This training session provides the tools to address conflict during the change process with your Organization’s Conflict Culture and Management Strategies (MTI-Survey- Groups) and Conflict Dynamics Profile-I (Individuals). Understanding the behaviors used to manage and react to conflict, enhance culture and foster change. The willingness to assess conflict and address personal behavior provides leaders and change agents a framework to clarify and address issues within their team. Before, during or after, conflict inhibits agility, creativity, and reduces the safe spaces for employees to ask diagnostic questions. Learn how to address team conflicts and challenges by recognizing and overcoming the six areas of conflict:  (1) Process/Structure, (2) Communication, (3) Information, (4)Relationships, (5) Interests, and (6) Values.


– Recognize the change management process and the six areas of conflict that inhibit change
– Identify conflict management strategies and discuss concepts to creating a culture of accepted change
– Apply conflict management and personal behavior strategies to your team


Andrea Hentschel is a researcher and advisor for disabilities compliance and human resource challenges involving leadership ethics and governance, advocacy and conflict dynamics. She addresses individual career development and transition coaching. She is also a practitioner of Strategic Doing, an agile framework for collaborative teams. Formerly the Career Coach of Northwestern Michigan College, she was a trusted adviser to alumni, students and businesses, specializing in strategies for job acquisition for adults with Autism. Andrea coordinated employee engagement plans, promoted events, and volunteer management through crisis and conflict focused programs, such as Safe Families for Children (SFFC). Andrea has been awarded the Michigan Children’s Trust Fund project, Rotary Charities Capacity building 3-year grant project, and other grant projects to support conflict-crisis intervention programs in her community.

How do I convince my boss to send me to this training?

Education: I will explore how leaders react to conflict, enhance culture and foster change to enhance group communication and performance.

Inspiration: I will attend and participate in stimulating and thought-provoking discussions, which will influence my projects, my team and my organization.

Networking: I will expand and maintain contacts with our peers, customers, and those who research and apply behavioral science to team building, conflict and communication.