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Using Behavioral Science To Improve Fundraising

Pinehurst, NC, June 2019 – Clicksuasion Labs collaborated with Actionology Impact to design an innovative, actionable, and proven method for nonprofit organizations to improve their fundraising initiatives. The Deck empowers nonprofit organizations by guiding them through easy to understand behavioral science principles. This is the first time these persuasive principles have been brought together with the goal of improving fundraising results.

The Fundraising Action Pack provides an introduction to 16 behavioral science principles that nonprofits can use to improve fundraising, improve communication, and enhance their marketing techniques. The cards explain the application of psychology to fundraising, provide examples of successful behavioral science fundraising campaigns and provide actionable recommendations to the user.

“Most non-profits have the ability to boost their donor acquisition by using the proven behavioral science principles listed on the Actionology cards. The majority of organizations are using antique and outdated methods. These actionable resources are likely to help boost fundraising results.” – Chief Behavioral Officer, Michael Barbera of Clicksuasion Labs

“I love being able to drive people to positive social change using the power of behavioral science. After 25 years of helping nonprofits, businesses, and government to create more effective brands, engage participants, and raise more money, I am thrilled to be partnering with Michael Barbera in applying neuromarketing to the social sector.” – Howard Levy, President of Actionology Impact

“As a Board Member of a local non-profit organization, the Executive Director and I collaboratively plan development sessions for Board Members and Committee Leads. Increasing fundraising and further expanding our donor base is one of our objectives to achieve. I introduced the Actionology Cards to the Executive Director and she is equally excited to use them as part of our skill-building activities. Looking forward to reporting on the impact of these cards.” – Rosalinda Cruz from the Asor Collective

About Clicksuasion Labs: Clicksuasion Labs is a team of behavioral science researchers who research  how people make decisions and apply psychology to marketing, communication and employee engagement.

About Actionology Impact: Actionology Impact works with organizations in nearly every nonprofit category, we bring an understanding of the needs of the diverse populations served by those organizations.

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