Michael Barbera

Michael Barbera is an award-winning consumer psychologist and business strategist. Michael is the chief behavioral officer at Clicksuasion Labs, and his clients have appeared on the Fortune 500 list, as well as on ABC’s Shark Tank, Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing, and Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. Michael is a trusted thought leader and expert in consumer perceptions, emotions, and experiences that drive consumer decision-making both online and in person. His practice areas include social psychology, brand management, marketing, behavioral economics, behavioral finance, and long-term business growth strategies. In 2015, the White House recognized Michael for his contributions to entrepreneurship. He shares his evidence-based insights and experiences as a celebrated keynote speaker, dynamic TEDx presenter, published academic researcher, and host of the thoughtfully curated Clicksuasion podcast. More than 100,000 people have seen Michael speak on four continents, and he has also earned more than 250,000 views online.



Ashley Gardner is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) in Chicago. As a behavioral health therapist, Ashley has been directly involved in helping hundreds of people from all stages of the lifespan and diverse backgrounds achieve their personal goals. She has used her expansive knowledge of human behavior and psychological theories to serve as a guide and collaborator in helping individuals become their best selves, achieve healthier relationships, and increase their functioning in all areas of life. For her doctoral dissertation, she researched the topic of burnout extensively, which became an interest after seeing the detrimental effect burnout had on colleagues, clients, and employers. Through her experience, observations, and research of burnout, Ashley has developed a desire to use her therapeutic and psychoeducation skills to promote better health in the corporate realm.



As a business psychologist and personality researcher, Stevie focuses on helping people attain personal and professional goals by capitalizing on personality preferences. A unique background of military leadership and mental health counseling enables her to work with individuals and organizations alike to create collaborative environments while presenting information in a relevant and relatable manner. Stevie consults with various publicly and privately funded agencies, providing leadership development training, conflict resolution, crisis intervention, and communication skill development. Maintaining a focus on growth, Stevie also teaches Management and Psychology at several universities.