Why Clicksuasion?

Why is behavioral science important?

Business decisions are often influenced by countless biases that distract from an objective thought process. There’s a science to managing influence. Behavioral science studies human behavior and applies data-driven insights to produce measurable outcomes beyond intuition and guesswork.

Why hire a Chief Behavioral Officer?

Specialists in human behavior within the c-suite are known as chief behavioral officers. They use data and evidence-based strategies to influence consumer decisions, employee engagement and manage change. Access to an on-call chief behavioral officer is a powerful solution for organizations and teams that want to predict outcomes with greater accuracy.

What if I don't have any data?

The majority of people don’t believe they have sufficient data or any data at all. That’s because when many people believe data looks like the black and green screen from The Matrix movies with many 1s and 0s scrolling across the screen.

In reality, you have data in your website analytics, point-of-sale system, CRM system, social media platforms and any software you use with your team.

We know where to find the data that you don’t believe you have.

Is your business too small to use behavioral science?

Many people believe behavioral science and consumer psychology is only for Fortune 500 companies. That’s false. Every organization has different needs. We’ve designed services for businesses and teams of all sizes. Whether you have one employee or 100 employees…we will wow your team.

How does the process work?

Oftentimes we get phone calls asking us to conduct research ASAP. This is where we ask you questions because the more information we have…the better the quality of the product. A strong discovery process of information sharing is important for strong, measurable outcomes.

Following the discovery process, we will recommend several options for reaching your goals. The options are likely to include advising your team, teaching, coaching and training your teams, and/or designing and conducting research.

All projects are completed with a capstone conference to present all findings and recommendations for your team to move forward towards your objectives.

Choose the option that is best for you and we will work together to learn how your employees and consumers think, act and behave.

Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Gladly. We prefer to use a Mutual NDA so that our own trade secrets can be protected as well.

What are your qualifications?

Our team members are trained and educated at the graduate and Ph.D. academic levels.

But I could just hire a data scientist, right?

Hiring a data scientist is a great option. To understand data about human decisions, your data scientists should be formally trained in psychology, behavioral science and all associated ethical practices that involve human participants.

How do I convince my boss to partner with Clicksuasion Labs?

Your supervisor likely cares about impact and outcomes. Here’s what you need to share with your supervisor:

The majority of Fortune 500 companies have a Chief Behavioral Officer and a Behavioral Insights Team to contribute to their strategic competitive advantage, because strategy means you’re applying sequential tactics that advance and enhance your intended outcome, at all times, which means you are:

  • Applying evidence-based psychological research to marketing, communication and sales
  • Applying behavioral science to relationship management, employee engagement and team development
  • Observing evidence-based returns and outcomes, which influence future business decisions