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A study of answering emails away from the office and the impact on employers, employees, and customers

Pinehurst, NC, June 3, 2019 – On National Leave the Office Early Day, Clicksuasion Labs is releasing their newly published research about people’s willingness to open their email when their out of office reply is active. The goal of the study is to understand what made some people more likely to open their emails when they are not at work. There are three categories of people this study effects.

  • Employees and Leaders
  • Employees
  • B2B Businesses

“The first thing many Americans do as they wake up: reach for their cell phone. Their eyes are half open as they lean over to grab their phone. They squint at the bright light coming from their screen as they begin reading their emails. They are literally taking work into their bed.” – Michael Barbera, Chief Behavioral Officer of Clicksuasion Labs.

What we found:

  • Zero Percent of .edu  email addresses opened their emails while their out of office reply was active
  • Nineteen Percent of all participants opened their emails while their out of office reply was active
  • Four out of Five people with a business domain address opened their email while their out of office reply was active

4 of 5 employees are extremely likely to open their emails when out-of-office

The study suggests leaders should improve their team’s life-work balance to avoid burnout.

“To the dismay of our team, I am someone who always opens my emails while my out of office reply is on. I tried to pinpoint why I do this and it comes down to three things. The first being, F.O.M.O, I have this Fear Of Missing Out on something important while I am away. Second, the fear of falling behind and being overwhelmed when I get back to work. The third is probably the funniest of all…I can’t stand the red bubble notifications on my phone. I am trying to get better about that; however, I believe sometimes our life-work balance comes down to personalities.” – Crystal Suetterlin, Office Ninja of Clicksuasion Labs.

About Clicksuasion Labs: Clicksuasion Labs is a team of behavioral science researchers who research  how people make decisions and apply psychology to marketing, communication and employee engagement.

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